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Tips on dating a Russian girl: What to do to attract a beauty?

Last update: Dec 4, 2019738 views
beautiful russian girl

How to make a Russian woman fall in love with you? How to flirt? What to say? How to date a Russian woman? Are there any taboos? What if she doesn't like me? These are the most common questions among men who dream of dating a Russian mail order bride. There are some answers for you to make your dream come true. Keep reading!

Tips on dating a Russian woman

Be a gentleman

No girl can say “no” to a man who behaves like a real man. It means you have to show good manners. Open doors for her, help her with her coat, or carry a heavy bag for her - these small things will make her adore you. Be a prince who treats a girl like a princess.

Give her presents

Dating Russian girls implies gifts and flowers that are important for every girl. They see it as a gesture of care and attention. Believe us - Russian girls love when they are in the limelight. They want to feel like queens. Giving her presents or flowers will provide you some extra points if she is still not sure if you are the one.

Be interested

But gifts will not save you if a Russian girl does not believe that you are into her. To prove you are serious in your intentions, you will have to show your true feelings. It means you need to be affectionate. Remember to say how you adore the girl. Repeat that she is the one. Share your emotions and prove you are so happy with her that you cannot imagine your life alone.

Show that you are mature

Many Russian girls face a problem of infantile Russian men. Males there are used to living with parents and do not want to move further and bring a relationship to a new level. Russian girls are seeking a man who can be confident, strong, and financially stable. Thus, another piece of advice for dating a Russian girl - have a good job, have a place to live in, and be both responsible and mature. Girls go crazy over strong and confident men who can keep control of their life.

Be an interesting personality

She needs to be into you. There should be something that will attract a Russian girl’s attention and never let it go. It may be a hobby of yours. You surely must have something that you go crazy about. Discuss it with her and share your opinion. Be a personality with a wide range of interests and plans for life.

Introduce your girl to your friends and family

Such a step in your relationship will again prove that you are a mature man who is serious in what he does. She will get proof that you do not just play games with her but see her as a partner. It simply demonstrates that you are ready to move further and take your relationship to a new level. A Russin beauty will appreciate it.


These dating a Russian woman's rules and tips will surely help you in getting her. Follow them, and you are doomed to success. At the same time - be yourself. Trying too hard always looks artificial and does not attract girls. Be confident. You have everything to get what you want. Good luck!

Sophia Spencer
Sophia Spencer
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