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The best of the best: Where to find the most beautiful Russian women?

Last update: Dec 15, 2019235 views
russian beauty

Russia is a big country. This is one of the places that gave us Western men amazing women. Russian women are unique in their European beauty, which you will not find even in Europe. If you have never been to this country, you have never seen such a large number of real models. So, here is a list of cities where you will meet Russian bride. They are the MOST beautiful women EVER. Let’s go!

Moscow Russian woman

Walk around the center of this awesome city. This is not a performance involving supermodels. It's that these are Moscow girls, they are here all the time. It is the reaction of every American, European, Canadian, and other foreign man. Moscow is the capital and the only city in the country where all the most beautiful girls come to succeed. There is a chance that she will find you here and that’s how you will be dating Russian woman.

St. Petersburg Russian bride

This wonderful place is usually called the cultural capital of the country. This is a dream city from the novels of the great Russian writers and musicians. There is a special atmosphere of aristocrats and creative people. Here you can find not only a beautiful but also a smart woman. One that comes from songs and poems. This is a place you will find your Russian girl who will become your muse...

Novosibirsk Russian girl

This is a large industrial city that will show you what is this country really. Not poor, but ordinary people and beautiful girls live here! Russian girls are taught not only to take care of themselves in marriage. They also know how to develop themselves, their education, and career. Girls from Novosibirsk are like characters from Russian fairytales: they are superwomen.

Other cities to search for a Russian woman

The rest of the places here are not as large as Moscow. But they are well known in Russia and many well-known models and celebrities are from there. Therefore, 3 other important locations where you can search for women are left for you below. You probably should not choose only one of them because all Russian women are still beautiful.

  • Rostov-on-Don. A city with a rich history and stunning women. Residents of Rostov, even if they move to Moscow or St. Petersburg, love their hometown, so they like to return to it if there is an opportunity.
  • Yekaterinburg. This city is famous for its women. By the way, the men living there are not so handsome, so you can find a tangible contrast while looking for a Russian wife here with ease.
  • Kazan. Another city that will not leave connoisseurs of Russian female beauty indifferent. Let’s leave an intrigue for you and not reveal all the cards about this place.

All these places can be used to filter on mail order bride sites if you want to find a Russian girl from a big city. But if you are going to really visit this country, start with Moscow. Firstly, there are girls from all over Russia. Also, you should visit St. Petersburg to see all the beauty of this country.


Russia is an amazing country and so unlike ours. But your adventure, a trip to Moscow or an affair with a Russian bride, will become unforgettable. If you can tame the character of this woman, she will make you happy and turn your life into a fairytale. Do not rush to buy a ticket and look at mail order brides who are waiting for you right now.

Sophia Spencer
Sophia Spencer
Senior Writer
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Kiss Russian Beauty
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