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What Russian Brides Like And How To Keep Them

Last update: Feb 20, 2019324 views
What Russian Brides Like

Understanding What Russian Brides Like and How to Keep Them

Dating blindly without knowing what your partner wants and likes can be one of the worst mistakes to make in a relationship. Don’t start dating as an amateur. Take your time and learn what your partner likes and how to treat them. This is a milestone towards winning her heart. To make sure that you get the best experience as you date Russian bride, below are the things these beauties like. Take your time and read to be in a better position to win her heart. This article is based on the experts' view.

How to make a Russian woman fall in love with you

Dress well

One of the ways to catch the attention of a Russian bride is by dressing sharply. Try to look presentable in her eyes. While doing this don’t wear something out of Russian norm and mode of dressing. Dressing your best shows that you take your hygiene and appearance important.

A guy with a future

Russians brides look at the plans of the guy and not the size of the wallet. These beauties like ambitious men. Men who work their best to mold their future.

A doer and not a talker

Actions speak louder than words. Russian brides don’t like talkative guys. The more you talk, the less serious they take you.

Be assertive

Russian brides like guys who are assertive to their dreams. Try as much as possible not to be aggressive. Whenever you are discussing anything be decisive and open to her views. Don’t force everything into her.

Be romantic

No lady would like to date a guy who is not romantic. Try to be romantic to win the hearts of Russian brides.

How to keep a Russian bride

  • Understand Russian culture. Learning Russian traditions and social norms is a milestone towards winning the heart if these beauties. It will help impress her, and she will stick with you.
  • Choose the right lady. Never approach a happily married wife. She will never give in to your woos. Russian wives are very faithful. Try to date the unmarried women; if all goes well, you stand a chance to get a faithful Russian lady.
  • Be a gentleman. Open doors for her. Help her with your coat when it’s cold. Russian brides like men with gentlemanly traits.
  • Compliment and appreciate her
  • Surprise her with gifts once in a while.
  • Respect her and treat her as equally capable human being


Understanding what Russian brides like is a milestone towards winning her heart. You need to Dress to impress, be romantic, be assertive, and be a man of actions. This will make her like you. After learning how to win her heart, you ought to know how to keep her. Try to be a gentleman, surprise her with gifts, and show appreciation to her. Follow these guidelines, and you will have a smooth journey while dating Russian brides.

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Sophia Spencer
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